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Our services

Financial BPO

Management of the whole financial routine with accuracy and promptness.

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Accounting / Tax BPO

Dealing with the complex
Brazilian tax legislation.

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BPO Controller

Effective data and information
control management

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BPO Inventory and Fulfillment

Control and support over inventory and
warehousing activities.

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Shared Warehousing

Complete storage structure
and cost reduction.

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Shared Office

Administrative backup in
good quality facilities.

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Strategic Location

Within a 500-mile radius are concentrated:

48% of the Brazilian population

63% of the Brazilian GDP

55% of the Brazilian retail sales

64% of the Brazilian industrial production

Why should one Outsource?

Reducing operational and installation costs

BPOBrasil’s business model favors economies of scale and the sharing of resources. In addition, we specialize in back office activities and focus all our efforts on improving know-how for productivity gains and reduced losses in these tasks. This is how BPOBrasil can offer reduced costs coupled with a higher level of management information to its customers.

Quick and flexible implementation

The services offered by BPOBrasil allow businesses quick access to new markets with an investment that meets their needs. With a highly skilled staff and a management system that uses the best practices in this industry, we eliminate the learning costs and ensure full management from day one.

Elimination of workplace risks

Despite the great signal from consumption perspective, the current low availability of skilled manpower in the country implies greater difficulty in hiring. High rates of turnover and the ensuing increase in the cost of staff training. With outsourcing, you eliminate the legal uncertainty generated by the complex Brazilian labor legislation.

Focus on sales

The use of BPOBrasil’s specialized services enables the development of a business model that offers quality information and control to help on decision making, enabling productivity gains, thus saving time for the company to devote to its strategic activities.



Consumer market in
the world in 2020*


Place in the
global economy


Brazilian GDP
in 2013 (R$)


Foreign Direct
Investiment (FDI)

*Projection: Exame, McKinsey and Fecomércio

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