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Dealing with the complex Brazilian tax legislation.

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BPO Accounting / Tax

BPO Brasil processes accounting information, making consistent data on equity and economic performance of the client available in the cloud computing in real time, in order to guide decision- making. BPO Accounting / Tax package also includes all the routines related to tax assessment and care of ancillary obligations, especially the SPED (Sistema Publico de Escrituração Digital – Public Digital Bookkeeping System).

Aiming at supporting the sales force, BPO Brasil prepares market enterprises at devising price formation in all the states in the country, with an accurate cost analysis, taking into account the implications of the complex legislation on the incidence of the VAT in commercial operations.

Following are the services embedded in BPO Accounting / Tax:

  • Assistance in the opening of a business.
  • Price formation advisory.
  • Processing of accounting information.
  • Confirmation of taxes.
  • Submission of ancillary obligations.
  • Generation of accounting and tax SPED.
  • Management of accounting and tax documents.
  • Accounting report statements.
  • Performance indicators analysis.


We offer a package of services combined with complete structure and staff
trained to perform all of its back-office tasks.

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